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While Timo was living in New York he fell in love with the energy and all the things going on in the city. He loved this and pretty soon he was trying hard to stay up to date with all the cool places to eat and drink in town. To cure his “FOMO”, he kept two Word documents. One for the places he had been and one for the places he still wanted to check out. Lots of friends did the same thing and this “New York Lifestyle” of exploring the city became Timo’s favorite hobby.

While traveling to other places, he did the same thing and asked friends for their recommendations. But this was harder since he didn’t always know which of his friends had been to a certain city or place. Plus, it took way too much time to get your hands on the right golden tips.

During a city trip to Mexico City, the idea originated to come up with a solution for this and Urban Journalist was born. Urban Journalist is a social platform that should make sure that people experience the very best in cities, together with the people they trust.

Today, we are building an end-to-end platform for people to discover, share, plan, and stay up to date with the best places and things to do in cities.


Timo Bierens

Co-Founder & Chief General

Yannick Bierens

Co-Founder & Chief Technology

Julie Eijkelenboom

Head Marketing & Communication

Ishan Khurana

Marketing Specialist

Emilie Wesselink

Communications & Partnerships

Joris Engel

Data Specialist

Remco Couwenbergh


Celine Zorn

Marketing & Communication

Cristina Popovici

Marketing & Communication

Lena Gleixner

Marketing & Communication

Filipa Duarte

Marketing & Communication

Working at Urban Journalist

We are constantly looking for the right enthusiastic people to take part in expanding the Urban Journalist dream. Check out the vacancies below or let us know if you think you can bring something else to the table!

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