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It is our mission to make exploring cities easier and personalized.

As frequent city explorers ourselves, we have been frustrated about the inconvenient and time-consuming way of finding the perfect recommendations for our city trips. Online reviews and rating systems can be difficult to rely upon as we never know the person who posted the rating or the review.

Usually, we turned to our friends in order to find cool places for our city trips. We trust our friends and their recommendations because they understand what we really like. But the past taught us that when we asked friends for recommendations, their tip lists were mostly too long or outdated. On top of that, we had to google all the places on the list to get an impression.

When Timo (one of our co-founders) was traveling to Mexico City in February 2017, the process of finding the right hotspots was time-consuming and annoying yet again. Only this time it developed into the idea of building an app that would solve the hassle of finding the perfect recommendations once and for all. Everything came together and the idea for Urban Journalist was born and is now a reality.

Urban Journalist simplifies how you discover and save hotspots that are perfect for you by finding them through friends. Download our app, save your favorite places and follow your friends to discover theirs.


Our dream is to build the ideal platform that connects like-minded travelers, friends, locals, bloggers, and influencers around the world, so together they can help each other create amazing urban experiences. We are a group of young entrepreneurs who share the love for exploring cities. Currently we are based in Amsterdam, but we often work from other cities all over the world to keep our inspiration flowing. Our priority is user satisfaction and product perfection. That is why we greatly welcome and appreciate your feedback. You can do so via the app and website. We strive to distinguish ourselves through building a cool and easy to use app, and we will not stop until we create the perfect app for all urbanites and citytrippers out there.

Timo Bierens

Co-Founder & Chief General

Yannick Bierens

Co-Founder & Chief Technology

Julie Eijkelenboom

Head Marketing & Communication

Ishan Khurana

Marketing Specialist

Joris Engel

Data Specialist

Emilie Wesselink

Communication Specialist

Remco Couwenbergh


Celine Zorn

Marketing & Communication

Cristina Popovici

Marketing & Communication

Lena Gleixner

Marketing & Communication

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